Changing the way we work can potentially impact every facet of people management, from recruiting, to filling vacant positions, to training and development, to how employees use their skills to carry out their tasks, to evaluating employee performance in delivering objectives, to living our values and ethics, and finally, to serving clients and citizens. In order to transform the way, we work and how we deliver high quality services, we need to identify HR indicators to ensure the organizations lives the “people first” philosophy. This requires the important notion of trust, transparency, personal accountability and individual responsibility in a flexible and agile work culture.


Our typical Clients

Corporations, Government, and the Non-profit sector looking to unpack some of the public discourse about racism and how it manifests itself in our relationships, our economy, political and institutional systems.

  • We help our clients uncover tools, information and skills needed to identify and confront racism
  • We assist our clients in promoting an informed, proactive, ongoing, dialogue, on the need to eliminate racism in all its forms
  • We share ideas about ways to better promote racial justice in our interactions with each other, in our systems and processes

This work centers on a trauma-informed approach in order to ensure we do not cause further harm to those most marginalized in our communities.  We have a network of diverse meeting/workshop designers, facilitators and coaches who are prepared to work collaboratively with organizations committed to long-term change

Executive Business Coaching

Executive Business Coaching appeals to a very wide market that includes corporate business managers, leaders, and business owners in every industry.

What is Involved?

We work with highly skilled and motivated individuals who hire us to help them reach their business (and personal) goals faster than they could on their own. We strive to have a deep understanding of your role within your company and industry. We help our clients to look for insights on overcoming obstacles they have had previous difficulty with, as well as drawing a greater sense of satisfaction from your work.

We may assist Executives in some of the following situations:

  • Help teams to learn to find consensus and choose a course of action
  • Motivate employees to adopt an owner mindset
  • Create ways to recruit and retain top leaders
  • Create a marketing or business plan
  • Inspire more autonomy in workers
  • Reduce a high turnover rate
  • Leadership transition
  • Decide the organization’s priorities
  • How to delegate appropriately
  • Obtain recognition for achievement and demonstrate value to the company

Entrepreneur Coaching

Our typical Clients

Entrepreneurs range from the very young with little experience and big ambitions, to older, more experienced business people who requires support in certain areas of entrepreneurship.

Clients may be in the process of starting a new business venture or struggling to make their current venture succeed.

Why choose an Entrepreneur Coach?

Entrepreneur Coaching is much more than simply pointing an enthusiastic business person in the right direction. They must have knowledge of how to start a business, and how to navigate the myriad of practical and emotional issues that come with it.

We can help you through the various aspect of entrepreneurship, such as:

  • Improving time management to help stay on task
  • Improving your leadership style
  • Identifying supports (family, friends, contacts & investors)
  • Understanding marketing techniques and personal branding
  • Expanding business contacts for greater success
  • Developing methods for leveraging time and income
  • Utilizing technology to increase performance and growth
  • Strategizing the best plan of action in alignment with your vision, resources, support system, time and capital

Leadership Coaching

Out typical Clients

Leadership Coaching is instrumental for any business leader looking for assistance to improve their communication and relationships with colleagues and team members. They typically include Presidents, CEO, COOs CFOs, Managing Directors, and other key decision makers and aspiring leaders.

What’s involved?

Leaders are often high achievers, usually with a very busy schedule. It is the Leadership Coach’s role to facilitate their client’s learning of the best leadership techniques while excelling in day-to-day business. Leadership Coaches should be able to fully understand their client’s positive and negative situations and assists them to ask the right questions and reach higher levels of success.

Situations may include coaching on short-term issues such as dealing with a crisis or a severe lack of team motivation.

Leadership issues vary, but commonly include:

  • Leadership techniques
  • Handling difficult situation, such as lay offs
  • Emotional maturity of leaders
  • Motivating team members to give 100%
  • Empowering others to take responsibility & accountability
  • Improving communication between management and team members

Life Coaching

What is a life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a set of proven tools that can be applied in various situations, helping people with all aspects of their life. It can address human development, relationship, spirituality, health, and professional success.

What makes a person happy, healthy and successful?

Everyone’s answer is unique. We all have different values and beliefs about what we want to achieve, how we will achieve it, and how we feel about success in general.

As a life coach, we work with clients via regular coaching sessions. These can be face-to-face, over the phone or via the internet utilizing software such as zoom or Skype. During our initial meetings, we will prioritize strategies for success, and gain insight into the client’s temperament, needs, and communication style. We are instrumental to our client’s success, helping them to understand their vision, set priorities and develop an action plan.

Personal Development Coaching

Out typical Clients

Personal Development Coaching clients are seeking to improve themselves in one or multiple ways. They understand that life is precious, and they want to get the most out of their personal potential.

What is involved?

Personal Development Coaching covers a wide variety of areas, including, identifying ways to increase happiness, love, wealth, and overall enjoyment of life. Clients have the capacity to achieve these things inside of them already; it is our role as Personal Development Coaches to help the client become aware of their innate strengths.

As your Personal Development Coach, we will facilitate the development of self-love, confidence, and a positive mindset.

You will likely work on personal life issues, such as:

  • Personal relationships
  • Self-love
  • Discovering the authentic self
  • Positive mindset
  • Goal setting
  • Increased income
  • Increased joy and passion
  • Increased self confidence
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Self-motivation

Marketing Coaching

Our typical Clients

Marketing Coaching includes clients who hold the roles of Marketing Managers, Marketing VP’s, CMOs, Marketing Team Leaders, Marketing Executives Consultants, Entrepreneurs and event Coaches.

Why Choose a Marketing Coach?

Marketers are concerned with creating dynamic strategies that communicate the right messages to the right people at the right time.

As a Marketing Coach we have a wealth of knowledge and relevant experience marketing your client’s products and services. Understanding the consumer behaviour of your customers is essential for assisting you to adapt your communications to influence your target market’s perceptions.

Our Marketing Coach clients may need assistance with:

  • Primary and secondary market research
  • Understanding their customer’s attitudes and behaviours
  • Focusing on a target niche
  • Dove-tailing long-term strategy with short-term goals
  • Implementing new communication channels
  • Creating compelling marketing messages
  • Attracting the right customers for their business
  • Understanding online and digital marketing

Sales Coaching

Our typical Clients

Sales Coaching appeals to individuals who hold the roles of Sales Managers, Sales VPs, CSOs, Sales Team Leaders, Sales Executives, Sales Consultants, and Entrepreneurs.

Why choose a Sales Coach?

You may be concerned with finding new business partners, creating ways to increase sales, growing the stability of the business, and increasing your bottom line.

As a sales coach have significant experience in a variety of sales environments, which you can draw on to help you increase sales, reach goals, organize teams, and increase your profits. As a Sales Coaching client you may need help in the following areas:

  • Increasing your client base
  • Learning tools that ensure closing the deal
  • Overcoming shyness, fear, or low self-esteem
  • Growing confidence to meet challenges and reach all goals
  • Learning stronger sales methods and techniques
  • Creating solid support systems
  • Creating clear and concise steps to increase sales
  • Learning the art of negotiation